EnerPlex Fit Smart Scale
EnerPlex Fit Smart Scale
Bluetooth Compatible Black Digital Smart Scale-enerplex
EnerPlex Fit Smart Scale
EnerPlex Fit Smart Scale
EnerPlex Fit Smart Scale
EnerPlex Fit Smart Scale
EnerPlex Fit Smart Scale
EnerPlex Fit Smart Scale

EnerPlex Fit Smart Scale


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Having trouble staying motivated when it comes to making lifestyle changes? EnerPlex Fit provides both the accountability and the motivation to keep you working toward your goals. See your results in real-time on the EnerPlex Fit app, and fully understand your progress with monthly, weekly, and daily tracking on 13 Key Body Metrics.

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Accurate Measurements

Recommended by Fitness Professionals

Provides Health Insights

Risk Free 30-Day Guarantee

How Does The EnerPlex Fit Scale Measure?

The EnerPlex Fit scale sends a low, safe electrical signal through the body. In a process called Bio Impedance Analysis (BIA), the signal travels quickly through water but meets resistance in fat and bone. The information is returned to the scale, and calculated into your unique body metrics. It’s important to measure yourself in bare feet, and make sure that you are standing on each of the four electrodes for accurate measurements.

An Accurate Overview of Your Body

  • Easily set and hit your goals more effectively
  • Visual view of your unique measurements
  • Measure more than just changes in weight
  • 13 Key Body Metrics
  • Free App to Track Your Progress

Gain Better Insight with 13 Key Body Measurements

Body Weight

Accurate to +/- .2 lbs.

Body Mass Index

Get a clearer picture of your health & risk for certain diseases.

Muscle Mass

Get a view of fat loss and muscle

Bone Mass

Understand how your lifestyle
impacts your body's structure.


Maintain your body's correct water levels on a daily basis.

New Scale, New Results

Simply measuring weight doesn't provide enough information for many individuals to make appropriate changes in their diet and lifestyle. EnerPlex Fit gives our users the real-time insights and information needed to make decisions to improve their health.

Unique Health Insights

Easy-to-read Metrics

Progress Tracking - Daily, Weekly, & Monthly

Increased Motivation

*syncs with Apple Health, Google Fit, FitBit and many more!

Designed For all Fitness Levels

Enter your unique body information. The EnerPlex Fit Scale is designed to provide customized information on a person to person basis.

Athlete Mode for Active Individuals

Dynamic Adjustments for Personalized Lifestyle Differences

Accurate Reporting Based on Body Type

Accountability to Rely On

Add friends in the app to goal set together!

Each Scale Can Have Unlimited Users

Set up the EnerPlex Fit App with Your Unique Information

Keep up with Friends & Family

"I am recommending this scale to all of my personal training clients. As a fitness professional, the EnerPlex scale has provided me with an incredible tool to help my clients get a full understanding of their health. It tracks their progress over time allowing them to see real results. It’s amazing to keep the motivation going!”

Heather,  Fitness Professional

Over 250,000+ Happy Users


Great scale with lots of valuable info.

We have a group @ our office that is using this scale to help us get healthy and get fit and we all love it!!...This scale gives so much important information not only about your weight but your overall health when it comes to fat, water, protein, etc. Great scale, easy to use and attractive style. Highly recommend it!

John V.

Best Scale Ever!

This scale and app have it all! I can see everything from weight, to BMI, body fat, skeletal muscle, the list goes on. The app was super easy to download and sync. This is also a real eye opener into my health. Multiple users can use it once and you can even add friends to the app. Very satisfied and would buy again!

Wendy M.

This scale is my BFF 👯

I’m on a live journey to drop 30lbs and have 22 more to go! This scale is more than just weight, it’s all about muscle, water, etc measurements!!! I looked at other ones that were more $$, but this one rocks!!!!

Lorraine Jubrey

Love this scale...

if you are trying to lose weight or trying to maintain your weight you have to get this scale. It is better then the printout I received from the doctors and I get a daily update. Also it tells you much weight to lose to be at the standard weight for your age and height and it’s not some far fetched number.

George Ostrowski

So Accurate!

I am blown away by the capability of the app and just how accurate the digital scale is. It was extremely easy to set the app up on my device and theres already two of us in the house that use it...Very happy with the product!


How does the scale measure?
How accurate is my weight?
Does the EnerPlex Fit work with Apple and Android?
What is the maximum weight limit?
How many users can one scale have?

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