Reusable Fabric Protective Face Mask - 3 Mask Pack
Reusable Fabric Protective Face Mask - 3 Mask Pack
Reusable Fabric Protective Face Mask - 3 Mask Pack
Reusable Fabric Protective Face Mask - 3 Mask Pack
Reusable Fabric Protective Face Mask - 3 Mask Pack
Reusable Fabric Protective Face Mask - 3 Mask Pack

Reusable Fabric Protective Face Mask - 3 Mask Pack


FREE Shipping | 3 Masks Included

At EnerPlex, we understand that a Face Mask is not a “one size fits all.” A Safety Mask should fit comfortably and provide proper protection, which is why we designed our High End 3-Ply Safety Masks in 3 sizes.

You save $12.00!

Water Resistant Outer Layer

Washable & Reusable


Nanofine Anti-bacterial Fabric

How Does The EnerPlex Reusable Mask Work?

The EnerPlex reusable fabric masks are constructed from high-quality materials, designed to keep particles out, while allowing for breathability. 

Meets CDC Mask Recommendations

  • Fits snugly + comfortably against the side of the face.
  • Fastens behind the ears with stretch loops. 
  • Includes 3 layers of fabric. 
  •  Allows for breathing without restriction.
  • May be laundered and machine dried without damage or change to shape.

3 Layers of Protection Against Germs, Pollen, Dust and More!

Find the Proper Fit

A simple measurement will help you find the best fitting size mask for you. *Suggested sizing is as follows:

Youth - fits most children age 3-9

Large - fits most adults

X-Large - best for adults with larger faces or facial hair

Not sure? Contact our customer service for further help. 

Ideal for Every Day Use

Great for use while working, running errands, gardening, traveling, hair appointments, etc.  

Comfortable Fit 

Durable, High Quality Construction

Machine Washable

Easy-on Design

Stretch ear loops for a snug fit.

Pull over ears with both hands

Easy to slip on/off when out and about

Seam lays across bridge of nose to keep mask secure 

I had been using the disposable surgical masks for my trips out, and these are so much better! The fit is nice and snug, comfortable without feeling like it's suffocating me. These are great for every day use, and I don't mind wearing it for an extended period of time. I can even bike with it on!

Joe P.

Words From Our Happy Customers

Dana S.

Love the 3-Layer Fabric

I really like that these are made up of three layers. I have to wear a mask to work, and was worried about finding something that I can wear comfortably, but that isn't totally flimsy. These are seriously great.

Billy G.

Comfortable mask, nice fit

I like that these masks fit really comfortably on my face. I don’t feel like its squishing my nose, but it also has a decently tight fit. It also doesn’t pull on my ears like a previous one that I had. I know it isn’t the time to care about these things,..but I looked seriously ridiculous with my ears poking out!

Jeremy K..

Keeps Construction Dust Out

I work in home renovating and have to have something covering my face to protect my sinuses from all of the construction dust. With current shortages, disposable masks have been near impossible to find, so I tried these out. They're awesome and get the job done. I'm never going back to the old ones!

Natasha O.

Less Waste, More Mask

I was looking for fabric masks that aren't just a t-shirt cut into a mask shape & was pleasantly surprised to find these. The disposable fabric masks just seem incredibly wasteful – these ones can be chucked into the wash and reused. Three in a package come in handy if one is being washed. 

Ellie F.

Highly Recommend These Masks

I have to say that I appreciate that they have a size chart. We have never worn masks before which makes it difficult to even know what size to purchase. One size fits all never actually fits everyone. Recommending these to all of my friends…


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